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With any hardware, my recommendation is to search NewEgg to see an item's rating and the customer comments because they seem to be extremely accurate. You won't be able to order from NewEgg, since they don't ship internationally, but you'll be able to assemble a list of good candidates and then look for them in the UK.

NewEgg suggests this Acer monitor fits all of your criteria. (There was an HP one that was rated even higher that met all of the criteria except for swivel. One thing to consider is that for a few dollars, you could always buy a lazy susan to set your monitor on if it doesn't have the ability to swivel on it's own. (All of the candidates appeared to have tilt capability.)

I don't give enough of a shit to bother checking which options are available in the UK but I needed to kill a few minutes waiting for my girlfriend to get off work, so I figured I'd do a bit of searching on NewEgg to see what they had to say about it.
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