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Default We've lost the monitor, we think he's bought it...

Well, I haven't been round these parts in a while. I'll regale you with my tales of the (ongoing) Great YouTube Backlog of 2011, which I fully intend to post on my website someday, but that's for another day.

Why I'm here is my monitor. A 22 inch 1680x1050 LCD monitor dating from 2008 that has just died on me. I turned it off, went away for a few hours, came back, and all it would display is a stark white display. Testing with the same PC with my plasma TV has confirmed there's nothing wrong with the PC, it's just the monitor that's busted.

So, I am now in the market for a new computer monitor, and I've got a few criteria to be met:

#1: I want an LED display this time. I was waiting to replace this monitor until LED monitors came inside my price range, and that seems to have happened so it seems now's the best time to make the switch.

#2: I want a resolution of 1920x1080 or greater. I'm used to 16:10 monitors so I was sort of hoping for 1920x1200, but all the new monitors seem to be 16:9, and 1920x1080 would still be an upgrade for me, plus it would fit all those 16:9 videos I watch better. So I guess I'd prefer 1920x1080. In other words, 1920x1080 please.

#3: I want an adjustable base. It's not too much to ask, is it? My current (broken) monitor didn't have one and it always irritated me, so I'd like my new monitor to be able to tilt and swivel.

#4: My price limit is 200. I guess I could go slightly above this (5-10 above would be acceptable if necessary) but less than 200 is my target.

#5: Also remember that I do live in Britain, so monitors only available in the US or Canada aren't much good to me. Online ordering is perfectly acceptable though.

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