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Originally Posted by chiefmonkey View Post
I'm quite sure there will be a hell of a lot more to it than the Ribbon UI in Windows Explorer. Apparently, I'm alone, but in MS Office, I quite enjoy the Ribbon UI.

You won't be alone in using Linux, millions of people have been using it for YEARS.
You're not alone, I actually like the ribbon a lot. In Office, it worked well since it cleaned up the toolbar mess that came before it. In applications like Paint and Explorer I don't see the practicality though. If the application's UI is already relatively simple adding the ribbon UI seems to be more for aesthetic than practical purposes.

As far as Linux is concerned, I think it has a long way to go before it becomes viable as a desktop OS. There are a lot of Windows applications that still don't have any quality alternatives on Linux, gaming is pretty much non-existent and even basic services like Netflix streaming aren't supported. In terms of just general user-friendliness Linux is still about 10 years behind the curve.

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