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Originally Posted by chiefmonkey View Post
I'm quite sure there will be a hell of a lot more to it than the Ribbon UI in Windows Explorer. Apparently, I'm alone, but in MS Office, I quite enjoy the Ribbon UI.
I can't stand it. options everywhere, takes up screen space, clashes with the other UIs from other apps designed around the original file, view, ..., help bar. I had to copy over mspaint from vista over to 7 because of it.

You won't be alone in using Linux, millions of people have been using it for YEARS.
Yes I know. And it has me excited! I think the world will eventually switch over, it's just a matter of time! I love the idea of freely distributed, open source, OS with dev tools.
I think it should have always been that way. I feel that an OS and tools to do stuff with your computer should be free like that (both free as in freedom AND beer) with the dev team around it is the community that uses it. While the apps that go with it can be closed and for sale. I think that's totally fair.
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