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Default Re: The Decline of ROM hacking.

I won't debate whether ROM hacking is on the decline, but in many ways, I think it's too early to make definitive conclusions.

Check out my timeline:

1) First NES game acquired = 1988
2) First SNES game acquired = 1992
3) First worthwhile hacking of an SNES game = 2000
4) First patch released = early 2003

Holy shat, that's quite a delay between #2 and #3! If you were waiting for me to hack something in that period, you would have been mighty disappointed.

Yet I suspect plenty of active SNES hackers fit that timeline.. We tend to overlook that huge gap between encountering a game and tearing it to shreds, at least for ourselves.

So is it much surprise that the "next generation", which grew up on Playstation/PS2/etc games, isn't hacking those games within a couple years of buying them? And if they're that much younger than us, of course they won't be focusing on NES/SNES games if/when they DO start hacking, for the same reason you won't see me burning hours on Atari 2600 or Magnavox Odyssey games: the former was never a part of my youth, and when my parents did dust off their Odyssey on occasion, it was mainly just a curiosity for me to laugh at. *beep* *boop* *swivel* *beep*
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