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Default Re: The Decline of ROM hacking.

> I say it's the gameplay which is changing. Look at the nes,
> it was the best console and went for 8 years (I think). Now,
> the consoles are based on graphics, which replaces gameplay
> because the programmers work more on the graphics then the gameplay.

I've heard this a million times. And you know what? It's bullshit.

Games now are as good as they ever were. Hell... they're better. It's not just the graphics... it's the length, the complexity... the things you can do, everything. Sure there's a lot of bad formulaic games out now... but there were just as many bad games for the NES and older consoles.

If you're going to stand there and tell me that Metroid Prime is inferior to the original Metroid except for graphics.... or that Dawn of Sorrow is less creative and less fun than the original Castlevania... you're full of shit.

The reason you (or I, for that matter) don't like the games that are coming out now is simple:

<h2>We're getting old!</h2>

Just like our grandparents that for the life of them couldn't understand why the Beatles were great... we're looking at these newer games and saying "what happened to gaming?". Well... nothing happened to gaming. Something happened to us.
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