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Default Re: The Decline of ROM hacking.

I don't actually think the decline of rom hacking has anything to do with the newer generation of games, but rather a lack of discipline or respect from people trying to get into "the scene". Most of the great hacks that are out there were made by people who were around while emulation of 8bit and 16bit consoles was still being readily developed. They were aware of all the hard work being put into the emulators and debuggers and technical documents that aided them in their hacks.

Most newcomers to rom hacking aren't aware of how much work was done beforehand and take the tools that are available for granted. I mean, God forbid you take an hour to play with a tile viewer or read a document on how tiles are typically stored in a rom. Old hackers had to edit graphics in a hex editor or create their own tools. Instead of being grateful for these tools, most newcomers do nothing but complain about not getting instant results.

The other part of it is that is can be hard to remain focused. Rom hacking is essentially useless. I mean, you can't put this stuff on your resume. Finding motivation can be very hard, so I think most new projects devolve into delays</a> and eventual abandonment.
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