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Default Re: The Decline of ROM hacking.

> And for my two cents, you can actually have fun and get a
> sense of accomplishment over having hacked and changed an
> NES game that you can't get from playing a PS2 game that's
> almost exactily like twenty others they have on the market.

I say it's the gameplay which is changing. Look at the nes, it was the best console and went for 8 years (I think). Now, the consoles are based on graphics, which replaces gameplay because the programmers work more on the graphics then the gameplay. I say, who needs the best graphics? It's just that most games today on new consoles are not great. There are some good ones but it’s hard to come across. Old skool consoles (like the Nes or Atari) had lots and lots of great games and thats why so many people collect them. The problem with games today is that they don't require much skill to master or to finish. The games today need to have more skill to the gameplay. Look at counter strike, it’s one of the most real FPS and has a skilful gameplay. It’s one of those games that takes years to master. But if you like easy games, then keep buying new games.
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