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Originally Posted by Elazul Yagami View Post
And what annoys me more is all these new movies that you can't see UNLESS you're willing to go through that fucking crap. Why not a vanilla and a 3d version you pigfuckers?! Why the fuck was Alice in wonderland in 3D , can ANYONE tell me how that was a good usage of 3D?
Um... there are "vanilla" versions of pretty much all of them. I know for a fact that Alice in Wonderland was showing in 2D here. Even Avatar was showing in 3D here. Because my local theater isn't equipped for 3D. My question is why the fuck the movie was called Alice in Wonderland when it was a half-assed sequel.

I refuse to fucking go to a damn 3D movie anymore after the 10 headaches i've gotten because of them. So fuck you RIAA , I'm Pirating the shit out of them, not the 3D mind fuck versions, but the private screening ones. You fucking pig suckers.
Yeah, fuck the RIAA! I have no clue what the music industry has to do with movies being in 3D but fuck 'em anyway. Good job bragging about pirating, though. In a few months, once ACTA is ratified, the music and film industries will have the right to raid your house looking for pirated material and, seeing as how they're in the process of making piracy a criminal offense, you'll get exactly what you want, free movies in 2D. Assuming you can afford the $100 to buy a TV for your cell.

And for those that don't think there's much "depth" to the images, where are you sitting? The only 3D movie I've been to was Nightmare on Elm Street VI. The first time I saw it, we sat in one of the front rows. It looked okay but nothing spectacular. The second time we saw it (I live in a rural area, at that point there was only 1 screen within 25 miles and nothing else to do.) we sat in the very back. It was much more impressive when you saw the shit coming out past the people in the front rows. (Although it was more entertaining when firecrackers started going off under the screen and a guy dressed like Freddy came running out and chased kids all over the theater. Not much chance of that happening these days without guns going off and lawsuits being fired, unfortunately.)
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