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Default Fuck 3D movies.

Damn fucking things give me migraines, and the 3d effect isn't even that great to be honest... "ooh some images seem to have depth", Are you a fucking retard?

Of course they have depth, EVERYTHING has depth unless it's a 2d image, if your brain can't process depth without fucking 3d glasses on your eyes and fucked up recording, you need a swift kick in the base of your skull.

And what annoys me more is all these new movies that you can't see UNLESS you're willing to go through that fucking crap. Why not a vanilla and a 3d version you pigfuckers?! Why the fuck was Alice in wonderland in 3D , can ANYONE tell me how that was a good usage of 3D?


*deep breath*

I refuse to fucking go to a damn 3D movie anymore after the 10 headaches i've gotten because of them. So fuck you MPAA , I'm Pirating the shit out of them, not the 3D mind fuck versions, but the private screening ones. You fucking pig suckers.

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