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I actually like the idea. Suppose you pay$40 or whatever for a Zelda game and you just haven't got the dexterity to do one single thing rather near the beginning of the game. You know what you need to do but just can't quite do it. Now if I was the buyer or the parent of a child and this one thing made the game impossible to progress from that point I would be really pissed off. I would feel cheated buying a game of a series I can usually figure out but they made one part really tough for anyone.

This idea in my opinion is a great public relations feature to me. Heck there were a couple area's in MM that I couldn't move fast enough and do corners at the same time and it drove me nuts since it wasn't fighting and it wasn't riddles, it was just some stupid timer that gave way to little time to run from one spot to another. I do though admit to bias in cases like this because I hate timers in games altogether. Having one in Zelda made MM the first Zelda game I wanted to shove right up Nintendo's ass. I wanted to ask them why change such a great game with timed play when playing Zelda for over a 100 hrs was the one thing I loved about the game. To be rushed and not be able to savor the game was like sacrilege to me.
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