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I cannot recall the particular source. But I recently read an article which discussed nintendo's plans for the new zelda games, in regard to difficulty.

Apparently, they plan on implementing a feature which allows users to 'hit a button when they have reached a part of the game which has them stumped.. players can then hit this button , and the game will "play itself" until the player hits the button again, thus resuming normal play.'

This is a fairly controversial concept , considering some die-hards dislike the idea of players 'not earning their stripes' , whereas others may see this idea as worth-while (how many of you become painstakingly irritated at challenges like in Wind-Waker, jumping from lampshade to lampshade to get to the door on the other end, and thus getting the Bombs for the first time in game? Some people hated this enough to like this idea).
The oldschool gamer in me (been playing zelda games since i was 9, 20 years ago :S) dislikes the idea, but the rational part of me sees no harm in it, because it reflects a personal choice, and as such, saves you from going on the internet to get the answer.

Other games will soon follow in this stead, if implemented and well-received.

What do you guys think?
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