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Originally Posted by InVerse View Post
By more or less rewriting the entire game, not quite from scratch, but so thoroughly that the original programmers wouldn't recognize their own code.
HOW, not WHAT, but thanks for the tip.
I know what they did, they completly rewrote anything that could be rewritten without crashing the game, and I know how they did some of it thanks to programs like ffhackster giving me a sneak peek. They removed that rainbow/refresh thing that checks the palette, so they could change it however the hell they feel like. They removed most if not all black magic stores and modded the white magic places, removed the clinic and renamed inn clinic, and with all the excess doors they're getting, they made them into stuff like teleport spots, warp points, etc..
But how they removed the palette check, how they changed the music, how they changed the start screen and removed character selection and so on, that's what I'm intrested in.

Especially replacing the graphics for ship and canoe and airship (though the airship don't show anymore, they removed most of it from the game )
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