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Originally Posted by PZYR0 View Post
anyone alse annoyed by this- the sega collection game for PS3 and xbox?

the VC is one of the things carrying the wii and sega had to release there best games to sony and microsoft?

here i am thinking nintendo and sega are all pally and sega does something like this?!?

why couldn't they have gave them sonic tennis or something?!


dont let me catch you doin a stunt like that againt you mony grabbing biatches
Sega doesn't care what you think, kid. The VC isn't "carrying the wii" as much as you think. It's a pretty awesome concept, and it's fun to be able to get stuff I haven't played on an actual console in like 10 years, but it's not that big a money-maker for any of the companies involved. Oh, and for the record, the PS3 and 360 DO have Sonic Tennis.

Personally, I can't wait for the Xbox 360 version to come out (I haven't seen it in stock anywhere, yet), it'll be nice to play Comix Zone in HD.
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