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Default What are the most important things in life?

The nihilist would say nothing. The subjectivist would say that it depends on the individual. Conan the Barbarian would probably say something about killing your enemies and hearing the lamentations of their women.

Maybe the purpose of life is to be able to say, if and when death comes, that you have not wasted your life, that you have done something for something greater than your embodied self and its desires?

Certainly there are trials and trevails. I cannot bear to live with the thought of seeing my parents see me die as their only son. Throughout life I acquired an understanding of this world and encountered terrible things and people which would have long destroyed weaker souls. Yet, through selfishness and hubris, I have failed in many ways.

Let me offer you all a warning: things are not what they seem. Question the motives of those with answers to everything. Question especially those things presented to you as innocent and harmless. Run screaming from the darkness concealed in all that is fluffy and shallow. Do not be deceived by demagogues and ideologues. Question why there are so many distractions, and question the source of these.
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