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Default Re: StarFox 2 emulator compatibility

> Does anyone know an emulator and version number that runs
> Starfox 2 correctly, for sure? I've tried two versions of
> ZSNES, and neither work.

There's a short story about this. When I first got this ROM, I played it over and over and over to figure out which emulator played it best. Here's the three big ones I found:

Seras9x: You've probably never heard of this. It's a long-since discontinued fork of Snes9x that I somehow got my hands on. It played StarFox 2 perfectly, and I used it for a while.

Snes9x: My emulator of choice for this game. Get version 1.43 and it'll work perfectly as long as you have a good ROM. I've been told this is due to a variety of hacks, but it's not as if that matters. Timing looks good, it doesn't freeze, I've played through the game more than 10 times.

ZSNES: Tried loads of versions. Regular versions, unofficial hack, semi-official hack, WIP versions. None of them manage it as well as Snes9x. The regular versions flickered like hell and froze constantly (the 'Flashing Screen of Death'), the unofficial hack didn't flicker but had screwed up timing and still froze as much, the semi-official hack froze less (but still froze up eventually), and the WIP versions freeze up just like the others (except it's now the 'Black Screen of Death). I'll keep testing it, but I'm still using Snes9x to play this game.
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