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Default Re: The voice of music

> So, what other artists can you find that can pull this off?
> Strive to sound the same live as they do on CD?

It's obviously bad if a band can't replicate their studio sound on a live set. There's a difference, though, between being a studio band (that is, needing a studio to sound good) and mixing things up on a stage.

I always liked the Smashing Pumpkins' live material for the latter reason. They might play a song faster than usual, change the solo a bit, add other solos or add other verses, change lyrics around, or mix two or three songs together into one big jam.

I think I'd be upset if I saw a band play exactly like they do on an album. I could just turn my speakers up really loud and get the same effect. I don't go to concerts expecting for the band to prove their playing abilities, I want to see what they do in a live environment. I want something different and, ultimately, more natural sounding than a studio album.

Oh, and it isn't gay to enjoy Coldplay's music. Sure, they're way overrated, but there's much worse stuff out there. Just don't go around spouting how innovative they are or anything like that.
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