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Default Re: Beam modification

> ¡Muchas gracias! Thanks, I may use some of this stuff!
> Edit: and if you make more codes for MMX3 or Super Metroid,
> please share them with me. I will have a MMX3 ram address
> compilation soon, I will share it.

i know its a bit off subject but i whant to share what i would want to do with Super Meteroid

it would start like this:

like after defeating mother brain Sasmus aran escaped planet zebes in time but as she was heading toward a human space colonie she receved a distress call from the nearby planet close to the colonie, landing on the planet she found trace of a battle but no survivrers exept for a trace of the enemi that atacked, returning to the colonie.... like here a tutorial would start like the plot would start that she goes finding what appened and that there was an other motherbrain and it seams that the mother brain is just a space pirat tool and the space pirates are from some planet and you would kill mother brain at1/3 of the game the real enemy would be the space pirates who would have grate weapons and you would neen to fight 6 giant meteroid at the same time! or maby replace that by ripley or maby like 6 spacepirates with all the good stuff like elite
reflect, all weapons, trow back super missils, plenty of hp, space jump! but what i think would be cool would be tu use Samus as last boss but with different colors (like any one can buy suits like this right? it didnt grow on her.) kinda like the gba's game but its a space pirate (maby 2 at the shot to do a 6 total. like 1 at 1/4 of the game, 2 at 1/2, 1 powerfull at 2/3 and 2 at the end with all the powers! but that was me dreaming of samus as a boss but that is my first choice if its doable , if not well it will be the 6 space pirat all at once with special stuff on! but till there i need to buil the game from that plan and learn SMILE and some other programs cos it will not be possible.

other than all that dreaming of possibilities i realy must tell you guys that i have like 120 codes for metroid but som a repetition with difference and some are left overs from last searches (it sucks when you have to try 90 or 180 codes till you found the one you whant Zsnes would need a lock all found values function cos i hate doing it manualy) any ways that enough for the day, just can't make is short hen? <img src=smilies/magbiggrin.gif>
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