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Default Re: Beam modification

> Edit: Slayer7.666 where can get these PAR codes?

well I think the beam react to the value that tells whats equiped,
like the address for whats equiped is: 7E09A6 and my beam
value is: EB (the par code is: 7E09A6EB) like EB might be multiplied by some other address and combined gives the damage (maby monsters weekness are the values that multiply the damage. like
the way my code works probaly is that i have wave,plasma and ice equiped but 5 times (one time is the original value and the others are like the same as before but affected by the monsters weekness that multiply the beam value.) (this is all just"THEORY", but what else? if you can give a better explanation well your welcome sins we all do whant to know what goes on with the beams and damage)

here is my list (sorry to bable on and on about this stuff but i just can't stop talking about this kinda stuff sins i like it so much)

ultimate beam: 7E09A6EB (THE BEAM WILL BE UGLY! the game uses the grafics that would be the ice,wave and plasma combo but uses some special effects with other values so the beam deforms and change collors....)

beam always charged: 70801501 (the beam auto fires sins when you charge your holding fire and when you release it fires so not to hard to understand why it does that.)

gateling beam2: 7E0CCCFFR
(that one only fires when you move but has no speed limit though thers a shot limit. like 9 shots on screen so it will do: 9 ....9 ....9 like shoots till the max of nine and you need to wait they hit some thing or go off screen)

go at (or .tk sins one of them is not active anymore.) the site is a forum and you need to go in the forum for the snes section (i had a job of making cheats and was a moderator for my section but school started and i just didnt seemed to like the "emptyness of the site so i just stoped to go there. sorry but i guess i like to get responces inside one month :S) well again sorry for making it sooo loonnngg , just don't like to get misunderstanded and also don't like to post 10 post per sentense so i cover all in one post! <img src=smilies/thumb.gif>
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