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Default Re: Beam modification

> SO... could you possibly tell me how the beam mechanics work
> so I could tone down the beam damage so plasma/spazer/wave
> can be gotten, but are still seriously outclassed by
> missles?

Good question... Somewhere, in the rom, there must be values for the damage of each individual beam combo, missiles ect, but I don't know what they are... Try editing each individual enemy's vulerabilities, like make missiles do 8 and beams do 2. (regular) Plasma and Spazer together... I don't know, but it seems unlikely.

I am currently the self proclaimed Super Metroid enemy dude, I have created such things as, a second type of fish (with stronger stats and a different color) , a second type of metroid (with new sprites/colors/stats) specfiic beam space pirates, (inspired by prime, including power/wave/ice/plasma) A cloaking space pirate which hides in places which are hard to find, A block with similar properties of the reflect enemy (Reflecto Block) A block that somewhat blends into that background that needs to be blown up to unlock doors in that room. And my current project, a boss than you need to be in a ball to fight.

For these, most of the work was done be copying and pasting pointers for different aspects of enemy behavior, using SMILE's palette editor, and editing graphics with TLP. Very little work was actually coded by myself, but the outcome is still amazing, with creativity and help, you can do the same.

Edit: Slayer7.666 where can get these PAR codes?<P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Insomnia DMX on 09/16/05 05:54 PM.</FONT></P>
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