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Default Update

well first I got it to stop skiping. It was very easy to get it to skip from Hot Blooded Man A to Hot Blooded Man C so I used that as the test(note: It also skipped in Mario64 from the first song to like 8songs latter, and froze up when skip a usf and going to spc when it was saposed to play a usf next but all that's another story)
Anyway first I shut of the detect silence, nothing.
Then what else was on putting ds back one, nothing.
Next turned everything on, nothing.
And then turned detect silence off, it stopped skipping.
Again I turned everthing off, it stayed stop skipping.
Then I turned on each one seperatly(detect silence/Audio HLE/Use Recompiler CPU), and it remained not skipping(note: I was going to try Fast Seek, RSP selections, & Round Frequency but the speed crawles with out the Use Recompiler CPU on)
In amounges these test I also turned the CPU Thread Priority to "Lowest" setting.
Either way with the CPU Thread Priority set to Lowest and everthing but detect silence on it doesn't skip.

I should also note the play forever button doesn't work it just skips to the next song like normal, also I've yet to try the update.
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