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Default Re: Sandy Berger's "honest mistake"

> I didn't equate anything, I compared scenarios to make a
> point.

Eh....shaky, but I'll give that one to you.

> We don't even know who leaked the story or how it leaked.
> And the story just broke, and we just started asking the
> questions... why are you already urging those in protest to
> move on?

I'm not asking the investigators to move on about it....all im saying is people need to get over everything else in politics, everyone is more concerned about making each other bad, rather than solving problems. The people it concerns, and the people investigating SHOULD pay very close attention to this and take it very seriously. But as for now, until some answers are ascertained, people need to get over it being such a "scandalous" event. It's not scandalous....its fucking stupid....why would someone do that? I hope they find out why, and give us an answer as to why it happened, and THEN I can be upset or not.

> The commission did an excellent job. Did you even read the
> report?

Yeah, downloaded it yesterday.

> As the commission has stated, the administration hasn't
> lied. I really think a lot of people owe apologies about
> this, but we won't get them.

Oh yeah...that's right. It was all the intelligence community's fault. So much for fact checking <img src=smilies/upeyes.gif>
I'm not going to apologize to the White House for calling them liars when all they're doing is passing the buck. From my persepctive, even if they didn't think they were lying...they still were. They should've known whether or not what they were saying was true or not....rather than taking the CIA's word for it. Ignorance has never been an excuse, and I'm not going to allow it to be one now. (But here in lies another argument as to whether or not the WH should have to check facts since its the intelligence community's responsibility to get good either case, I don't absolve the WH from guilt).

> Republicans certainly aren't "hoping" for a smoking gun,
> here... we just want to know the truth while others try to
> push this aside-- dismissing that action as "sloppy". If
> this IS nothing, I'll be relieved.

I want to know the truth as much as everyone else...but like I said...BOTH sides are blowing this out of proportion.

> In reply to:Make a deal about it....but not a big deal.
> I'm not, I'm just saying that the questions should be
> answered.

Yes, yes they should.

> In reply to:Take appropriate action against these thefts of
> classified documents, and move on. The Republicans are wrong
> for blowing this out of proportion, and the Democrats are
> wrong for trying to dismiss it as nothing important. End of
> story.

> Well, it's certainly not the "end of story", and to say it
> is is to "dismiss it as nothing important".

I disagree....'end of story' means that we as a people dont need to speculate at this point. We can criticize his actions, but we can't scream about coverups, timing, and political motives. Let the investigators do there thing, and get back to us. 'End of story' means get the answers and THEN talk about it.

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