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Default Re: Sandy Berger's "honest mistake"

> You do realize that you're telling people to ignore this
> because other problems exist. When somebody commits murder
> you don't say, "Forget about him, there's terrorists out
> there!"

Wow...murder is now equated to stealing classified documents.

Lets get one thing straight right now....what Berger did was wrong, and nothing can change that. He got caught, he is and has been investigated, he's cooperating. Why is it more of an issue than this? He stole something, and got busted, and is being dealt with....can we move on Righty? I can't speculate as to what problems this may have caused b/c I dont know what was no those papers, but you'd think that after this long of a time, and it gets leaked right now is just stupid. Yes the people have a right to know what has happened, but if you are serious about it, DO IT WHEN IT HAPPENS, not waiting forever to time it. Its unfortunate that the Democrats dont have any secret damaging info that will hurt the president....oh wait, all that SHIT just got released by the commission.

But focusing on topic....was Berger wrong...YES. Was it wrong to give such a bullshit excuse....YES. At least he's making an effort to correct his shady actions....which is more than can be said for ANYONE in the Bush administration. Everyone in government is a lying sack of shit....its just the degree to which of a liar they are and how many people get hurt and/or fucked over from their actions. I don't mean to be one sided here....but the Republicans (especially the WH Admn) is winning in the lying resulting in fucking people over category over the last four years.....and based on their track record, I don't think it would behove the American people to repeat this trend any further. Berger's a douche bag....and whatever went down will probably be figured out, and more likely than not, it'll be nothing like the smoking gun the Republicans are hoping Saddam giving an handy to Clinton while getting a rim job from Monica.

Make a deal about it....but not a big deal. Take appropriate action against these thefts of classified documents, and move on. The Republicans are wrong for blowing this out of proportion, and the Democrats are wrong for trying to dismiss it as nothing important. End of story.

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