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Default Re: Sandy Berger's "honest mistake"

Okay, I will give you an analogy. In importance, these "fumbled" documents are as important as worrying about a scratch in your 9 year old banged up beater of a car when your jobless and are going to be evicted the next day from your home.

Danoz, questions do need to be asked, but the RIGHT questions need to be asked. You got a CIA that fucked up royally. The 9/11 commission will report on the administration conviently after the election. You have people dying in a war that is breeding more terrorism. You have North Korea with nukes. You have pakistan selling nuke making material to terroist states.

I am not misdirecting you. Do not spin it as such. The reality is the Berger issue is a leak. Reports state that both the Justice and Administration have known about the investigation for quite some time. Is is just pure coincidence that it is leaked so close to election time?

There are much bigger more important issues at hand than a non issue about a few classified documents missing and a person who by all news reports is cooperating with the Justice Department to get them back.

Your country is in flames Danoz. (I know, a little melodramatic)

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