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Default SNES SPC music not looping

Hello everyone. Been a long time of user of Zophar's site over the many decades. Finally decided to go back and update a lot of my old NES and SNES music files, many which date back to the late 90s and early 00s.

However, while I didn't have any issues with the NES NSFs (although none seem to be ID3 tagged), all the SNES SPCs I downloaded didn't loop! Thankfully I caught this before I threw out my trusty old unlabeled (but looped!) ones. This wasn't just a few of them, it seems that every single game I tried that I needed didn't loop and faded out.

I went on Discord to alert staff and I was directed to come here for post this issue, so I am following up! Hopefully someone can make these corrections and help me out. :-)
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