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Default SPC - can I disable stereo?

Hi. I have a question regarding the .SPC file format (for SNES chiptunes).

I recently got a new motherboard (with a new onboard sound card), and I realise that it plays back SPC files differently. (I'm still using the same headphones and still using winamp to play chiptunes.)

For example, when I listen to the Fortress track (16a Fortress.spc) from Super Mario World 1 ([super-mario-world-super-mario-bros-4].html), there's a track which keeps playing in the left ear only, and I find it very irritating.
One good thing is that for the intro to this track, I get the "left to right ear effect" (which is something I never knew existed because I was using a lousier onboard sound card previously). But I rather lose this and not have a background track constantly play in only 1 ear.

Is there a way (to configure the SPC plugin) to just play all tracks in both ears equally?

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