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I wouldn't say IE9 is nice, because to me it seems much like the old. It still lacks support for setAttribute functions correctly in javascript! Looks like their UI is going to use HTML5 (that IE9 doesn't fully support, unlike most current browsers now [mostly in css3]) and "tiles" on top of a windows 8 windowing system with fancy swooshes and animation. That makes me also think that IE is going to be reintegrated with it again. So security flaws and bloat are going to be all the rage in tomorrow's windows.

I so agree that they need to cut it out with forcing people with their crap file formats AND making people do things the way they want you to do. I can understand vendor lockin is good for them, and as a company, a good move to make an extra buck.

It also is a double edge sword for them as well. I couldn't understand why my work NEEDED windows XP to run their software (it's crap aswell ), till I looked at the back of the computer with wires connected to the parallel port. The phone system is old (not that old as they just bought it a few years before vista) and had to use unsigned drivers to work with it (for logs). Companies don't want to pay microsoft to sign their drivers or upgrade expensive new hardware that would work for newer versions just to say up to date. This makes their vendor lockin a lockout for business that need this.
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