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Originally Posted by (wraith_) View Post
On your second point, I can't migrate to Apple. First: cost of replacing software. Second, I feel like Apple and Microsoft have had a nice role reversal since the late 90's early 00's. I think Apple is becoming the evil empire doing what they want while Microsoft is starting to more readily embrace standards.
ActiveX. Silverlight. Internet Explorer.

Look, I'll agree they are making an effort. Internet Explorer 9 is also very nice, and would make web design infinitely easier if people running Windows XP could upgrade to it and were forced to. I was blown away when I saw ODT support in Microsoft Word.

But it's not like it is the default. I get a lot of strange stuff thrown at me in DOCX that really isn't compatible with things like LibreOffice or AbiWord or older versions of Pages. Microsoft is still following that old mentality of, "All the standards suck. Let's invent a new one that doesn't suck."

And then we all end up with even more shit to comply with.

Maybe it's not quite evil in the way Apple is, but it's backsliding into 1980s computing ignorance.
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