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Default Re: Unemulated systems

> and Sega's System 16 arcade board (and close variants),
> which apparently was once partially working in MAME but was
> removed so it could be rewritten.

Wrong, the games are sitll there, it's just that some of the X-Board and Y-Board games are unsupported simply because they never were in the first place. Furthermore, the games are emulated in Final Burn Alpha, if I recall correctly. Of course, their being emulated in Final Burn Alpha has no bearing on the MAME rewrite, since the MAME System-16-and-its-variants rewrite is concentrating on accuracy. Also, you still won't see some System-16-and-its-variants games emulated simply because the games are encrypted in a rather powerful way. Basically, the 68000 is encased in an epoxy block with encryption circuitry within as well as some RAM that contains the 65536-bit (you heard me, that's more bits than any encryption scheme on the market at the moment) key and a battery so that the RAM doesn't lose its contents. There is an effort that has been started, however, to find some way of reading the key out of the RAM chip, since the algorithm is already known.

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