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Default Re: SNES NTSC Video Filter

> Please post feedback on the ZSNES board if you can,
> otherwise here should be fine.
> Everyone be sure to thank blargg for this amazing filter!

This is really really nice.

I am getting a constant 61 fps on every game I try at 892x669. I unchecked Use Gamma Ramp (since it has no impact on NTSC) and am using NTSC with the hardware Pixel Filter (I think it looks better than Bilinear. You should add Bicubic.)

Just a note--on the progressive scanline intensity, it stops showing % values after 9%. Also, reset defaults does not restore its default value.

My specs are:

Intel Pentium M Dothan 2.00GHz
ATI Mobility Radeon X600
Conexant AC-Link Audio

Just a note, bsnes starts to lag when I undervolt my processor, even though I'm not changing clock speeds ... rather odd. I have to kill out RM-Clock to run at full speed. I'll need to test-run bsnes for a few hours and see if it makes my PC overheat and boot-down like Nero does when operating at top speed.

Lastly, I really want to thank you for adding this. Without a filter like this, 98% of players could never see the Der Langrisser font the way I designed it to look ... (You remember how fucking long I spent making that font look perfect for televisions only to have it look WAY too narrow on emulators)
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