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Originally Posted by Zophar View Post
So, who runs things around here these days? I don't see Sam (Swampgas) mentioned anywhere on here. Is he still around? It's been so long...
That'd be Edman. I'm not sure where Edman is at the moment though, unfortunately. :P I haven't seen Sam in awhile either. Heh, and yeah...this is a post count years in the making (back years ago, the first time I was a mod, I posted constantly lol). I don't think I ever really had a chance to talk to you, IIRC I joined about the time you relinquished the site to SwampGas.

Aaah, I still remember discovering the site though. Good times.

Oh yeah, and I used System Card v3 too, so I guess that isn't the problem. My ISO is just a straight bin/cue format image too, if that helps at all.
Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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