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Nice to see you too. 14,516 posts, wow! You've been busy hehe!

So I do have version 3 of the japanese cd biois named syscard.pce in the hugo folder. I've only tried 2 games so far: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective vol 1 (which crashes back to the Homebrew Channel) and Might and Magic III Isles of Terra. I have about 50 games hanging around here somewhere so I'll give some of those a try and see what happens.

But yeah, eke-eke's Genesis emulator really impresses me. I don't remember Sega games looking and sounding this good; it's better than the real thing! And I cannot wait for Sega CD emulation. Lunar 1 and 2, Vay, Popful mail... and some guilty pleasures like Night Trap (RIP Dana Plato) and Adventures of Willy Beamish (loved the voice acting, hated the 5 minute wait times)!

So, who runs things around here these days? I don't see Sam (Swampgas) mentioned anywhere on here. Is he still around? It's been so long...
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