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Just rename the .ini file, don't delete. The program won't be able to find it, so it should generate a new one. If it doesn't, you still have your old ini file as a backup.

Originally Posted by the b man View Post
Could this be a registry issue? Please, anyone that has experience with this program please respond. and Ugly Joe, can you please give me some recommendations of forums where there is heavy traffic so I could get a definite solution to this?
If by "registry issue" you mean "the emulator is storing the config values in the registry", then maybe. I'm not sure what program you're even using, as any copy of MAME Plus Plus that I can find is built off of MAME32. If you're using some other build, what MAME source did you use as a base?

Also, I don't know of any other emulation forums to refer you to.

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