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Originally Posted by Maximum Potion View Post
So you're saying that if someone submits a hack that is more than a year old I should ignore it? Gee that would make the site a much better place, thank you for being a good friend <3
Why no, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying don't post a front page news update when you do add such a patch. There are literally hundreds of patches that are missing from this site. The proper thing to do would be to hunt them down yourself and add them, rather than waiting for someone to submit them. (Here's a hint, 95% of them can be found on about 3 archives.)

By putting in the effort to get the patch archive up-to-date, you're signifying to ROM hackers that it's worthwhile to submit their patch to the site. In it's current state, they see an archive so out-of-date and useless that nobody who has any clue is going to bother to use it, so why bother submitting their work here?

And in the event that you do feel the need to post about a particular hack on the front page, take the time to write up a news post that actually provides some meaningful information. A news post for a new hack is completely different than a news post for an updated emulator. You can't just sum it up in 3 words and expect anyone to care.

Not fixing this results in problems like this one where the site's users are getting screwed over by the fact that people can't be bothered to properly do a job for which they volunteered.

And no, having some of the site updated is not better than having none of it updated. By doing a half-assed job of updating, you lull the users into the mistaken belief that the site is reliable when it isn't. Either take some pride in your work or don't bother.
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