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I see
the one time I needed the media to give me updated current news real quick and I should have known it was fucking shit.
From the IAEA web site.
"Japanese authorities have informed the IAEA that engineers have begun to lay an external grid power line cable to Unit. They plan to reconnect power to Unit 2 once the spraying of water on the Unit 3 reactor building is completed."
"The current situation at Units 1, 2 and 3, whose cores have suffered damage, appears to be relatively stable. Sea water is being injected into all three Units using fire extinguishing hoses. Containment pressures are fluctuating."
So shit is not bad, but at the moment not getting better, but probability, as these projects continue, will be later.

Then what about the loss of life. Now I don't know how much bullshit there is, but about 10000 people are gone? 1/2 dead the others are just not found. That's a bunch of people! I am just waiting for important names to be listed in the news. Out of one of those people someone has to be famous!
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