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Originally Posted by gutzsant View Post
Does this purge removed users from the old Zophar's Domain or contributors? I've seen that some savestate contributors had never posted in the new Zophar. For example, ReyVGM, who is a member of Zophar's Domain since 2004, has posted nothing in the new Zophar but has sent several savestates. I'm guessing some other contributors could be in a similar situation. Since nobody watched over contributors of savestates, translations, hacks, etc, perhaps some valuable members were removed without taken into account if they had contributed something instead of posting in the forum.
well admittedly, there was bound to be a few erroneous deletions. Like I said though, if that was the case, then reregistering shouldn't be that difficult.

interestingly though, he's still there

update: oh wait I believe I had it set to if they didn't log in in the past 90 days.... haha ^_^
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