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Default Ok i have great results with final fantasy 1, i change the background color but...

first i read some palette documents.

2. i run nesten and run final fantasy 1 ( i tried final fantasy instead of dragon warrior because battle is faster to have in the beginning of the game)

3. i see the palette. and understand that the black palette is 0f.

4. i saw that in final fantasy palette theres a blue light the number is 31

5. i changed all 0f for 31 with HDD hex editor.

6. now the rom music and graphic are corrupt. and the game dont start after choosing caracter. the beginning background is really light blue.

7. now i open nesten with final fantasy 1 and i saw that the palette is completely fucking. so i think i have to change only some 0f for 31 but not all, because it change the color of all the games. maybe some 0f have not to be eidted because they do others thing than colors ?

what do you think ?
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