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Default Re: I'm still here, in the background.

If we're going to argue over semantics, so be it. This site did stop functioning. In its current state, this site is an archive. In that sense, this site is doing fantastic. What an archive it is -- people still download things here all the time.

But looking at the original goal of the site, that is, to be an emulation news site, THIS SITE HAS FAILED. There is no more news. There are no more updates. The opposite of "failed" is "successful," and while this site was once a successful news site, I hardly see how anyone can consider a static archive a "successful" news site.

Now I'm going to stop arguing about this and worry some more about the damn layout. Bitching about my being pithy and the lack of my political correctness to respect those that want to think that ZD is still as great now as it once was doesn't make site layouts.
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