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Default Re: Ideas for Super Metroid hacks.

> I think there should be more places for using the wall jump.
> I can wall jump like a's funny, when I was
> younger (years ago when I first played Super Metroid on a
> real SNES) I couldn't do it very well but now I can pull
> them off so easy it's crazy.

Care to reveal the secret?
I can never do them (ranks right up there with Ys 6's dash jump as most annoyingly-hard-to-execute video game move. :P ) Am I supposed to run at the wall, press Jump and towards, then the instant I hit the wall, Jump and Away?
(also, what crazy person made the default controls for this game? A=jump, B=dash, X=SHOOT??? At least they were wise enough to make a config menu)
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