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I do try to update the site with NSFs depending on region. If you browse through the games list you can see several games marked "JP", or NTSC - US, or PAL. I think that marking the region in the title is sufficient to make out which game is from where.

I am able to spend only a little of my time on ZD these days, I have whole sections of computer game music I need to add (about 1700 games), I need to change the layout for the rest of the site, and I want to program a comment function for the music that is tied in with the forums.

At the same time Chubby Cherub got 7 pageviews last month (out of over half a million in total), so its pretty low on my to-do list.

If you find it important, please email me the NSF and MP3 conversion, and I will upload it and add it to the site.
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