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Originally Posted by MrNorbert1994 View Post
I was maybe a bit too much with the 20%, but for example, rips like:
Silver Surfer - The one which is on here doesn't have the High Score Theme
Sangokushi 2 - Haou no Tairiku - Invalid INIT Address
Otaku No Seiza - PAL Bit
Darkman - NTSC Bit, while it is a PAL rip
Friday The 13th - Invalid Noise (I still work in to fix this isse. Atlus drivers are a pain in the ass.)
Chiisana Obake - Acchi Socchi Kocchi (Missing Song: The Tunetable was wrongly organised.)
Kyouryuu Sentai Juuranger <- Wrong name, Missing Tunes.
Platoon - The expansion audio is on, while it never uses it.
This problem was pretty common with a lot of ones.
It is more like a minor thing, but a lot of NSFs, has no SFX routine, for example Contra Force, what I just recently fixed, and many more, that I can count.
For example some NSFs, don't work on a Powerpak.
Also... my list contains rips, which were never ripped before:
Hard Drivin'
Rampart (US)
Earthworm Jim 2 (Super Game)
Hi, dear MrNorbert! Thank you for your work! But... I found some bugs and incompletes in exist NSF-files... Can you fix these bugs and add missing themes? This is list of uncomplete NSF-files:

1. Super Contra 7: missing Triangle channel in Track 12 (Boss 4)
2. -
3. Dungeon Kid (J): missing 1 theme - "Game Over theme".
4. Musashi no Bouken (J): missing 1 theme - "Experience Gained theme".
5. My Little Pony. Dr. Discord's Conquest (Megaman III Hack):
2 broken tracks: Track 04 ("Princess Luna Stage") - disappearing Noise channel, Track 12 ("Dr. Discord Map") - corrupt...
And missing 8 tracks: Stage Start, Dr. Discord Stage 1, Final Boss, Final Boss Defeated, Epiloque, Cast, New Acquisition, Stage Ending.
6. -
7. Track & Field (U)/Hyper Olympic (J): missing 3 themes - "Course 2 theme", "Course Clear 2 theme", "Foul theme".
8. Treasure Master (U): missing 1 theme - "Warp Zone theme".
9. Super Pang (Sachen): corrupt Pulse 1 channel in Track 9 ("Level Ending theme"), corrupt Pulse 1 channel in Track 11 ("Game Over theme").
10. Addams Family, The (U): missing "Thunder-storm theme" and all SFX.
11. -
12. Golden KTV (Ch): missing 2 themes (songs in music menu) - Music 04 and Music 06 (must be 60 tracks in NSF, not 58).
13. Hudson's Adventure Island III/Adventure Island III: missing 1 theme - "Final Boss theme" (it's a "Boss theme" without channels Pulse 1 and Pulse 2).
14. -
15. Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 2 - Karakuri Land (J): missing "Strange Land theme (Stage 1)".
16. Moai-kun (J): non-fixed speed in Track 1 (plays in 50.0 too slow, not like in game)
17. Nuts & Milk (J): missing 2 themes - "Bonus Round theme", "Level Tune 1"

And... your collection have incomplete nsf "Cadence Of Agony" (missing 10 themes), I can send to you this completed nsf. Thanks.
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