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Default The fixed NSF Archive

Message to the moderator:
I'm not sure if this is the right topic to post this, if this is the wrong one, then feel free to lock it.

So the thing is: for about a year or so now, myself, and a few others alongside with me, tracked down all the existing NSF arhives including Zophar itself, and made it into a big folder. While we were doing it, I was trying to fix most of them, since it seems like that about 20% of the existing rips on Zophar is broken. I tried to submit my own rips, but since June nothing really happened, and it is still in the Pending status, so I was like screw it then... I will post it here instead:

This archive contains a lot of fan made stuff, it has nearly all the NSFs from the 2A03 Archive.
It also has a lot of PAL rips too.

I understand that re-doing the NSF page on here would be time consuming and an attrocius long work, so I advise to link this folder rar there.

This link updates around every 4-5 days or so.
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