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Question Question about torrenting disks to play on Sega CD

I have tried to torrent to disk the game Penn & Teller: Smoke & Mirrors to a CD-R to play it on my Sega CD. I got the torrent from the most popular place on Google search ([url][/url]) but have reached a problem, and in an attempt to save CD-R's, I have taken to asking for help.

The file size of the torrent is about 810 Mb, but the max size of a CDR is obviously only about 700 Mb. Thus I am most stuck.

I burn using Imgburn. One thing I have done is only copied one part of the image file to disk and only apparently gotten the games music files, as they do play on the Sega CD.

As a last note, I apoligize if this is an improper place to post this. I'm very new to the site, and the whole emulation and torrenting thing in general.
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