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Default Re: ...and now I'm stepping in

Heh, you have the whole thing completely wrong. My post on EF has nothing to do with ZD or any one site. It is just a summary of what we have been saying all along and how we feel. If other sites feel the same way then that is fine and if not then that is fine too. We are not telling others how to deal with this debate .. we didn't even bring it here to ZD.

As for "official" that is just official as in from "me" .. repesenting my own site. I used the word to seperate it from any other comments that have been made on our forums or by people that are a part of my community.

My comments have nothing to do with ZD, have never had anything to do with ZD, and like I said we didn't bring this here or even mention it here.

Also you would be hard pressed to find a kinder site then EF that "does" cooperate with all sites. We hold no grudges and we get a long with everyone. Maybe you haven't noticed us, maybe you don't pay attention to the scene anymore. I really don't know, but I can assure you we are not anti ZD or whatever you guys call it here.

We are all about having fun, but at the same time we will stick up for what we think is right. We kept our comments to our own community and we can not stop others from bringing it to other places .. when someone says we are "assholes" I feel that we should atleast try and tell our side of it in a civil manner and I believe I have done that.

It is the missinformation and the assumptions that cause people to think there is some sort of anti ZD thing going on. When in fact there is not. People are entitled to their opinions and if they are not fans of ZD then that is their choice. I am not going to censor them out and if you wish to correct their thoughts then feel free to tell them.

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