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Lo and i have been summoned!

So i guess since i own now that i am the official guru of games with cartoon dicks where they shouldnt be? Oh heavy is the head that wears the poorly pixellated crown.

i dont know about "fuck tales" but i do know there is a "dick tales".. thats the one where scrooge bounces around on his... pogo stick, and i'm positive we have that at baddesthacks. Never heard of "wario's wood" at all, though.

If RHDN werent such jerks who ran off all the users and deleted a good chunk of the hobbys history because orange man bad, i'd say ask there, or i might suggest i-mockery if they werent dead. (no unfortunate pun intended. )
"You're both pieces of shit and i can prove it mathematically." -Rick Sanchez

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