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Thanks for the tips!

I'm still pondering the cycle forward/backward one. There seemed to be quite a few values in RAM that had changed, so I'm trying to think through why that'd be. The increases didn't seem by one but in some cases by 20+. Need to apply your suggestion on checking each team as well. I did different buttons with one team and got different results, though they all cycle forward, hence my current confusion.

The SRAM issue was that the Grand Champions NEVER display, so there's no way to figure out when the screen works versus doesn't. Turns out, based on another hacker's tracing exercise, the algorithm isn't correct, so one fix would be to apply the algorithm from another screen (such as most wins). It provides enough of the fix (and only requires changing one byte (the low byte in a jump address)) that the issue appears solved. I playtested through about 300 games (using fast forwarding and some PAR codes to keep the opponent score zero) and can see the Grand Champions now displaying after beating all teams and based on the top three players based on most wins.

If you're interested, I released my most recent version of my hack late last week. It's up at

Thanks again!
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