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Not sure if this will be helpful or not.

For #3, check RAM at team select screen. Cycle (forward) and look for values either increasing by 1, or changing to an entirely new value at each cycle, but not otherwise.

If this works, verify that each team has the repeating result when selected.

If it's an increase by 1, you might be able to find where the buttons are mapped to use the INC opcode on the RAM offset.

If not an increase by 1, the buttons might instead trigger JMP or JSR (jump, jump to subroutine) opcodes to go to wherever the code is located to assign the new team value.

On #5

I'd use the debugger and cheat finder to look at all of the opcodes and different RAM values directly when the screen is meant to come up, for each play through.

Find out what is different between when the initials screen works and doesn't work. Does it play some kind of end-of-game video or credits instead?

Disclaimer: I haven't messed with anything like this in maybe 8 years.
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