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OK, so I can say that I've got some resolution to items in OP #1, 2, and 6 above and now have a base understanding of how #4 works such that I don't need to pursue it much further at this time.

For OP #3, looking for ideas on where to begin. Could it be as simple and doing some CPU logging at the team select screen and pressing the various buttons to see what comes up for code? Should I expect to see button assignments such that I may want to create some CMP functions and branch over to new code to reassign what the buttons do? And... if that's the right path, what might the act of cycling look like in the code? Wondering if anyone's done something similar and has some tips on how to proceed.

Looking for any thoughts, tips, or guidance you may be willing to share on OP #3 and #5 (includes immediately preceding post #2).
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