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Thanks for the tip. I've been picking some brains and learning more about the ROM as I go. Think I've narrowed down some of my questions to these.

1) For the Rookies uniform, running through the game, I think an easy fix would be to reset the team's uniform reference to that of the Detroit Pistons (the white and blue alternate uniform, presuming there's only one option for the palette/color; otherwise both uniform types). If the fix is this simple, I'm wondering if anyone can guide me to where perhaps the pointers would be to the uniforms such that I could swap out the Rookies uniform reference for the Pistons one.

2) Still pursuing guidance with respect to the button question and cycling through player options. Is there code someone would be able to walk me through that would accomplish this? I'm playing with xkas and injecting some simple assembly here and there, and I'd like to learn about the various commands required by such an ASM hack, so if someone were willing to provide me a quick tutorial and maybe answer a follow-up question or two on the whys of coding, I'd definitely appreciate it.

3) Injuries - Still pursuing this one. The injury values for a two person team used in game 1 will extend to the first quarter of game 2 if the same team and same player combination is selected. It may be a tad more than this, as I did some cheat code searches using SNES Geiger and thought I saw the player two injury value reset from previous game Q4 injury value to zero at new game tip-off, and then jump to another value (in one game, all the way to 14). I think I found the 4 values in RAM for injuries, one for each player on the court via that search and some breakpoint attempts, but I don't quite know where to go from there. Looking to see if there's a simple fix here, or - again - if there's so tutelage I can get, such that the injury value resets properly to zero for all players at tip-off of each new game.

(Building on that one, I'd love to figure out how to ramp up that max injury value from 25 to perhaps 50 or 99.)
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