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Originally Posted by JadussD View Post
Consider that if there was a multiverse that parts could be measured qualitatively based on whether conditions allow these patterns to exist in greater or lesser amounts. If entropy is resisted by technology, then the patterns which allow growth must be made present through some other means, or things will decay.
The trouble with a model like this is that it's very hard to see how the factors that lead to our own growth have any bearing on whether or not the universe grows or reproduces itself. One can imagine a somewhat far-fetched scenario in which universes are selected based on ability to produce intelligent life because that life is eventually able to make new universes. This wouldn't explain, however, how the universe came to be able to support life to begin with.

That said, however, there do exist evolutionary models for the universe, but they involve a propensity for producing black holes. Basically, the idea is that the creation of a black hole leads to the creation of a new universe (some fraction of the time), so the universes that survive will be those that can most efficiently produce black holes. It's all speculative, since we have no idea whether or not production of a black hole leads to production of a new universe, but it's an interesting idea.

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